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 I’ve been blessed.
In 2008, the recession was starting to hit our company. Lending institutions were calling loans & shutting down and lines of credit were being denied. We were doing everything we could to stay in business. We had to restructure every pay plan within the company and let some good people go. As we struggled, we turned to the group of people that we trusted beyond all measure. It was a group of peers; all business owners, CEO's, Founders, and managing partners. We were able to collaborate, commiserate, be vulnerable, and get all our companies aligned to make it through the recession and come out in the black.

Eight years later, I retired and spent three years in Alaska at an outfitting lodge creating amazing experiences for guests. But as it often does, life got in the way, and I returned to Nashville.

In our groups, we focus on the core values of TRUST / CARING / CHALLENGE / GROWTH to create a private environment for our members. Vistage member companies grew 2.2 times faster than average small and medium-sized U.S. businesses, according to a 2017 analysis of Dun & Bradstreet data.

“One of the benefits of Vistage is the ability to have a diverse group with no competing interests. We might ask each other difficult questions, but that is so we can offer help, and all think deeply about what we need.”
Chris Cordaro
CEO, Regent Atlantic Wealth Management

“Vistage builds leaders. It is impactful, and we get better every month with every meeting. For me, and so many others, it has been the difference that makes a difference.”
Jeffery Dudan
CEO, AdvantaClean

Reach out & let’s grab a cup of coffee and discuss if Vistage is right for you.   

As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.

 - Proverbs 27:17

Peer to Peer Boards


5 Reasons You Should Join Our Entrepreneur Peer Advisory Board

The way business is done, is changing at a rapid rate. A peer group will make you work smarter, harder and progress faster than you would on your own. They will also help you to see holes in your leadership that can affect the people that work for you. A peer group will give you the tools to break through barriers that you’re facing. In my time as a facilitator, here are 5 things I've seen, that a peer group provides.


1). A Different Perspective. Sometimes it takes a different perspective for you to gain clarity on what you need to level up or to reach a breakthrough. There is a reason that the highest performing people in the world (whether in sports, business or any industry) have trusted peers, coaches, and mentors.

2). Self-Confidence. Whether you lack confidence or the most confident person in the world, this topic may be your solution. A peer group will help you search for the areas that are lacking, then maximize your confidence within those areas.

3). An Expert Opinion A great peer group won’t hold back in giving honest opinions that will help direct the company towards a preferable outcome. We all know it’s lonely at the top.

4). You Are Done Feeling Overwhelmed. With a peer group, you have the opportunity to ditch the overwhelm! Too much work and not enough hours in the day, we get it. A peer group will clear the pressure by helping you organize and complete the priorities.

5). Create Influence. A peer group will help you to create influence and build a better culture. They will also help you seek out other positive influencers in the company and empower them.

A peer group can increase ROI 100x, improve your efficiency, and strengthen employee productivity.

• They will help you achieve and produce the right needle moving activities while enabling you to remove any barriers that stand in your way.

• …And frankly a great peer group can help you get or keep your motivation and start crushing it in business and life.

About Me


Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, I am a first generation American. My mother was from Scotland and my father was from England, which explains my lack of a strong southern drawl.


I attended Purdue University and Middle Tennessee State University. I raced off-road motorcycles professionally for 7 years while attending college and starting my career in the sales, marketing and service industry.  I bought my own dealership, and became dealer principle, when I was 31 years old.  I retired 18 years later at age 49.

Experienced  with:

        Leading High-Performance Teams.
o Listening to—and Challenging—CEOs    and Senior Executives.
o Great Success and Driven to Give Back.
o Mentoring & Helping Others.

Personally, I have been married for 30+ years to my college sweetheart, Dawn. I have 2 children, Hannah, who attended the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga and got her Masters from UT - Knoxville, TN and Hunter, who attended the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. Both were Division 1 athletes and competed at the highest level. I have raised them like I operated my two companies, based on 2 simple rules: Do what is right and do the best you can do.    

My hobbies include off shore deep-sea fishing and fly-fishing, big game hunting, golf and motorcycling. I am a registered hunting guide in New Mexico and I spend the better part of September archery guiding and hunting elk and mule deer in the Rockies. I also am a United States Coast Guard register 25-ton ship Captain and a registered fishing guide in Alaska. I enjoy spending time on both of my farms in Tennessee and I'm a diehard Tennessee Titans fan since they came to Nashville.  

I am an active member of Cornerstone Church in Madison, Tennessee

Let me ask you this...


  As the leader of your organization, who holds YOU accountable for driving the incremental improvement of your company? 

 How much of your time is truly spent on the strategic activities of leading the company? Or do you get dragged back into the day to day details?

  What’s the one thing that you can’t currently do, that if you could, would have the most significant impact for you and or your company?

What is one word that could be used to describe you, that has held you back from reaching your potential?

What’s not working the way it should? What are you having to “work around”?

Who asks you these questions and who helps you answer them and move on to a higher level of success?

Imagine creating a day for yourself where you truly focus on the strategic direction of the company, and all the important decisions you need to make in the near future. 

Envision a place where you could look for that next idea that could transform your company. 

Picture yourself brainstorming with 12-18 other high performing CEOs, who are also looking for new ideas. 

Then imagine they are also willing to hold YOU and each other accountable.

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